Genetic signatures of microbial altruism and cheating in social amoebas in the wild
First Author Noh
Last Author Queller
Journal PNAS
Year 2018
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QSID Alternate ID Species Origin Location Origin Coordinates Box Plated From Date Collected Date Frozen Collection Method Culture Method Origin Soil Sample Location in Freezer Box Name Box Initials Clonal Mating Type violHapGrp Sequenced Amoebophilis Endosymbiont Neochlamydia Endosymbiont Neochlamydia Haplotype Endosymbiont Haplotype ID Endosymbiont 16S Sequence Hit Paraburkholderia Species
QS174 10 Dictyostelium discoideum Virginia- Mountain Lake Biological Station N 37° 21’, W 80° 31’