An invitation to die: initiators of sociality in a social amoeba become selfish spores
First Author Kuzdzal-Fick
Last Author Strassmann
Journal Biology Letters
Year 2010
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QSID Alternate ID Species Origin Location Origin Coordinates Box Plated From Date Collected Date Frozen Collection Method Culture Method Origin Soil Sample Location in Freezer Box Name Box Initials Clonal Mating Type violHapGrp Sequenced Amoebophilis Endosymbiont Neochlamydia Endosymbiont Neochlamydia Haplotype Endosymbiont Haplotype ID Endosymbiont 16S Sequence Hit Paraburkholderia Species
QS756 NC75.2 Dictyostelium discoideum North Carolina- Little Butts Gap N 35°46’19”, W 82°20’32” Rack 30 - Box 1   July 25, 2002 28-5 D. discoideum North Carolina strains from silica Jeff July '02 Jeff 1 Pa. agricolaris
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