(Alternate ID: V64B)

Species: Dictyostelium discoideum
Origin Location Virginia- Mountain Lake Biological Station
Origin Coordinates N 37° 21’, W 80° 31’
Box Plated From Rack 9 - Box 1
Date Collected Sept. 25, 2000
Date Frozen Nov. 1, 2000
Collection Method Soil
Culture Method
Original Soil Sample V64
Is Clonal None
Mating Type  
Freezer Location 29-1
Box Name VA 2000 AF Box 1 of 4
Box Initials AF
Viol Haplotype Group
Amoebophilis Endosymbiont False
Neochlamydia Endosymbiont False
Neochlamydia Haplotype
Endosymbiont Haplotype ID
Endosymbiont 16S Sequence Hit
Paraburkholderia Species
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