Welcome to qsDictyosteliumDB

This is a database of wild Dictyostelium clones and research articles associated with the Queller-Strassmann lab at Washington University in St. Louis.
You can look up detailed information on specific clones, filter through lists of clones based on a variety of parameters, and see what research each clone has been used in.

For a new experiment using D. discoideum, D. giganteum, D. mucoroides, D. purpureum, or Polysphondelium violaceum, there are a number of factors one might consider. This database will help you identify appropriate clones.

Here is a list of variables of possible interest about the social amoeba clones:

Macro image of the social amoeba Dictyostelium discoideum
  • Does it carry Paraburkholderia agricolaris, Pa. hayleyella, or Pa. bonniea?
  • Does it carry endosymbionts Entamoeba, Amoebophilis, or Procabactor?
  • What other studies have used this clone?
  • Has it been sequenced? Twenty clones have good sequences and most of the others have rough sequences.
  • What is its mating type? There are three.
  • Where was it collected?
  • Where is it on the phylogeny?
  • Is there a fluorescently labeled clone available?
  • Is it a cheater? Note that this is a labile trait, not available for many clones.
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